Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Daily Show Segment

The Coop vote became quite a media sensation, including a segment from the Daily Show. We filmed this a few weeks before the vote (on Ta'anit Esther and Purim), but it aired the night of the vote. Since we already knew the referendum was defeated by the time we viewed it, I enjoyed it doubly.

If anyone ever offers you an opportunity to be on the Daily Show, take it. They are the nicest people and I had so much fun. You see me doing a real shopping and Samantha Bee actually helped me unload my groceries at the checkout.

The Wifely Person commented on the segment:
It was clear from the cutting that Barbara Mazor of More Hummus, Please (and the lady who led the anti-BDS fight) represented the sane side of the argument.
When Comedy Central makes you out to be "less" crazy, it's a clear win.
Full disclosure: Wifely Person is my cousin. Every Monday evening she posts a new piece of wisdom or advice on a broad range of subjects. She is definitely worth adding to your reading list.


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    1. Thank you, superneil. Your kind words are very appreciated.


  2. looks like the joke is on the park slope food coop...& "everybody boycotted south africa"
    ...except israel-they chose to avtively support oppressive apartheid south africa economically, militarily and politically.

  3. Keep up the good fight Barbara!

  4. What is the percentage of Muslims living in Israel?

    And contrast that to the percentage of Jews living in Gaza, Egypt, Syria or Lebanon.

    Now tell me who has engaged in ethnic cleansing.

  5. Thanks guys, great work.


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