Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Sign the "Stand Up Against Boycotting Israel" Petition

I am not a great believer in internet petitions.  I don't like giving out my email address. 

I am making an exception for this petition, Stand Up Against Boycotting Israel, put together by Stand With Us,
We, the undersigned, stand together in support of the State of Israel. We call upon all people who side with freedom, to stand up against this boycott movement. We stand up for the State of Israel in its struggle to protect its citizens from rocket attacks and other terror attacks.

We stand for democratic values, peaceful coexistence, and a safe and secure Israel. Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East with equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Israel stands on the front line of the free world in the fight against terrorism.

I am adding my voice to this petition and I stand against the boycott movement. Boycotting Israel serves no constructive purpose and only undermines peace efforts.

I, and people much smarter than I, have written hundreds of posts about the BDS movement: its goal to eliminate Israel as the Jewish homeland, the false accusations, the falsified history, the pretense of supporting human rights, the delusions of its supporters, the hijacking of the civic space and so on.

What good is a petition?  Simple.  Numbers.  Demonstrate that large numbers oppose BDS.

From my own BDS battle at the Park Slope Food Coop, I experienced first hand how this small group can make a lot of noise.  Ensconced within their echo chamber, the BDSers think everyone thinks the same as they do.  They intimidate.

Just suppose there was one place where you could show how many people there are on our side.  What could they say then?

Please sign and distribute the petition.