Thursday, March 31, 2011

Products from Israel at the Coop

I went shopping tonight and here are some of things from Israel I found in the coop:
  • Yehuda Matzos - in the Passover section
  • Organic Tomatoes on the Vine - alas, I only saw the sign, there were none on the shelves when we were there. 
  • Sabra Hummous - this is actually made in America, although the company is half-owned by an Israeli company.  But I bought some because it was a target of a FAILED BDS effort at Princeton University in December 2010.
  • Dorot Frozen Herbs - You will find these in the freezer section.  These are containers of 20 individual teaspoons for frozen herbs.  There is parsley, garlic, ginger, cilantro, basil and hot pepper varieties.  A great idea when you are in a hurry to prepare a meal.
  • Masada Foot Scrub - smooth your callouses away.
  • Masada Bath Salts - the coop had 4 varieties on the shelf, when I was there.  You can get detox, muscle relax, rejuvenate, refresh.  They all sounded wonderful to me. 
  • Mud - a face mask that will make your skin smooth and resilient.
Pick up a few of these on your next food coop visit.  Let me know if you see any other products.

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