Thursday, April 7, 2011

BDS and Food Coops

Divest This! has been blogging for the past 2 years about the many failures and faux successes of the BDS movement.  He has covered many BDS attempts in depth, providing insightful commentary and some humor, too.  This excellent guide (free and downloadable) for countering BDS attempts in your campus or community is a product of his fine work.

Divest This! has extensively covered BDS attempts at Food Coops (which he writes as "co-op", in case you want to search his blog).   A Tale of Two Co-ops compares how BDS was handled by the Davis Food Coop - where it was rejected as inappropriate - and Olympia Food Coop - where it passed by a questionable procedure.  He also reports on the BDS failures at Port Townshend, Madsison Market, Sacramento and Seattle. 

A common theme is the negative effect of the BDS proposal had at all these communities.

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