Friday, March 16, 2012

The Blue Badge of Pro-Coop

This attractive logo can be printed on a mailing label (or paper) and worn at the Coop.

I wore mine last night, and I got a lot of positive feedback.

Devorah wrote to me about her experience:

"I actually copied the color logo 6 times on a page and went to the color printing shop, printed out 2 copies, cut them out and took safety pins along.

I had a doctor's appointment 2 blocs away from the coop and was 25 min early so I went to pick up some flyers down.

I gave out about 12, including one to my walker who happened to be Muslim. He read both sides while walking me and commented that he kind of is pro BDS but didn't understand how it would help the Palestinian people.  I pointed out to him that not one of their speeches or articles had any mention or suggestion on how to help them, only negativity, and he agreed; I am not so quickly thinking he will join our side, but...

A couple of people stopped me with questions and some asked me for badges in the coop and put them right on with the safety pins. Then as I was standing in front of the doctor's office and forgot to remove my badge, another woman came over and asked me if I had an extra one for her daughter who is a member. Let's hope for the best!"


  1. Barb and i proudly wore our badges while shopping at the coop last night.


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