Let the Coop Be The Coop Again


Will you add your name to the list of people who want to restore the Park Slope Food Coop to a place where people from all communities and all walks of life work together in harmony towards a shared goal of providing great food at great prices?


The purpose of the Park Slope Food Coop is to provide food products and other goods to its members. Coop resources should not be used for activities to promote a political movement.  Especially not when:

  • the movement has failed to demonstrate significant support among the membership.
  • the movement has significant opposition within the Coop.
  • the movement engages in the defamation of and the denial of rights to a minority group that has traditionally experienced discrimination.

   Please add your name to the petition.

(Please give the time to read the petition. Things that are important require attention. Scroll to the end to submit.)

For more information, see the FAQ page


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    1. I don't know why Aviva left this comment. I hope she supports our cause. I am replying, just to acknowledge her, and see if she wants to start a conversation.


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