Monday, August 15, 2011

Management is With Us

In today's New York Post, Rich Calder gives us the skinny on the BDS effort at the Park Slope Food Coop.  So here is something new, in print:
But even the notion of a referendum drew ire.

Ann Herpel, a general coordinator at the co-op, told The Post that she and the management team opposes the boycott plan and hopes it never reaches a referendum.

"We feel [a boycott] would be divisive," she said. "We want to be good stewards and make all people feel welcome."
If that weren't enough, I told the New York Observer, "they [the pro-BDS group] don’t seem to have a terribly sophisticated understanding of the situation."  Mr. Calder's report seems to confirm my evaluation:

The Post contacted the leaders of the anti-Israel co-op members for comment but only got questions, not answers.

A person identified as "Hima" said in an e-mail that before commenting, the group wants to know the reporter’s story "angle" and sought copies of his recent published articles "to give us a sense of" writing style.

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