Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Challenge to Peace Activists and BDS Supporters

I see that I got some attention from the BDS advocates. Our Park Slope Food Coop BDS promoters have finally noticed the difference between a "tenant" and a "tenet.".

So, I invite you guys who think BDS is a good idea for our Coop to engage in a discussion here. I will publish any reasoned statement, as long as it doesn't resort to profanity or name calling. Ok?

I will start with a few questions. At your Images of Palestine event, some of you said BDS will pressure Israel to end the occupation.
  1. When you say "occupation" do you mean the entire former British Mandate or only the territories beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines that were not controlled by Israel? 

  2. Do you believe that Israel has security concerns? If you say no, then please state why not. If you say yes, then please state how BDS addresses those security concerns.
Do I have any fans?


  1. You keep it up Barb.

  2. I would ask how supporters of BDS and similar movements reconcile the hatred taught in Palestinian schools with their desire for a just and lasting peace. What argument can you put forward that reconciles the praising and glorification of homicide bombers to the children, those future leaders, in the context of a peaceful co-existence between neighbors ?

  3. Palastinian activists oppose peace conference.

  4. Dear Barbara,

    You relentlessly attack your political enemies, yet you post videos lauding Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu? You are a shill for the State of Israel. You have never once criticized Israel for anything. Most BDS supporters like myself condemn nationalism and chauvinism of all sorts. Neither Hamas nor Kach! You cannot claim the same objectivity, as you are a liberal in terms of your food choices, but a far-right-winger in your politics.


  5. Dear RC-

    I am pleased you have responded and are interested in holding a conversation. Thank you.

    I will post your response and reply to you in a post on Sunday. I hope you will come back to check.


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