Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two More BDS Fails

Elder or Ziyon recently cited two very interesting reports.

Apparently goods made in Israel are very popular in Sinai and there is a flourishing smuggling business through the Gaza tunnels.   The "Made in Israel" label is actually a selling point.

Furthermore, in spite of a PA law banning Palestinian Arabs from working in the Jewish communities of the West Bank, 31,000 workers are doing just that.  Another 70,000 have jobs inside Israel's green line. So much for the call from Palestinian Civil Society.

Just sayin'


  1. thank you Barbara.
    You should actually have a link to Elder of Ziyon on your blog.

  2. and here is yet another fail:

  3. And here's another: Apple buys Israel's Anobit:
    I wonder if all the BDS'ers are going to give up their I-phones, I-pads etc.


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