Monday, February 20, 2012

Community Forum

The Panel:  Michael Walzer, Brooke Goldstein, Zuhdi Jasser,

Location:   Old First Reformed Church - Lower Hall, Carroll St. & 7th Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Date:         Sunday, March 4th, 2012,  2:00PM

Admission: Free   Suggested Donation at Door: $5

This post will remain at the top until March 4, 2012.


  1. Really wish I could be there for this. What a great chance to learn.

  2. I guess if you consider human rights for Palestinians an act of bigotry, and you think the stats from every human rights organization and the UN to be dishonest and you believe the dispossession, occupation and murder of Arabs to be pro-Jewish, then this sounds about right. But for those who are antiracists and pro-civil rights, BDS is an act of solidarity. Sorry that you feel the need for a hatefest in the face of social justice activism. And even sorrier that you're my neighbors.

    1. Dear Sherry -

      People genuinely interested in human rights are capable of listening to both sides of the issue and looking at the full context of the situation.

      It is a shame that you have already branded this conference a "hatefest." Too bad you are not more open minded. You might have been able to come and learn something from some pretty brilliant and knowledgeable people.

      The BDS crowd has posted numerous videos on youtube of events where they have disrupted speakers. This is certainly behavior to be proud of.


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