Monday, February 20, 2012

Gearing Up for Another Big BDS Fail

Ok, folks.  It's official.  The vote on holding a referendum to join BDS will take place on March 27.  The location is still to be confirmed.  However, the auditorium at Brooklyn Technical High School seems to be the number one candidate.  It seats 1,700 people.  Unless the Coop can't make arrangements for a meeting space, the vote on the referendum will occur March 27.

This is not a victory for BDS.  It is simply the Coop's policy to allow every member proposal, no matter how odious or ridiculous, to find its way to the General Meeting floor.  It is perhaps a flaw in the Coop's governance system.  That is a different debate.  However, as explained to me by the Agenda Committee, an end to the debate is considered to be in the best interest of the Coop.

So, now is the time to mobilize.  Get out the word.  Let's add Park Slope Food Coop to the list of BDS Fails.

And please, donate.  We are going to need money for flyers to hand out at the General Meeting.  Just $5 buys us 100 flyers.  We need money for the expenses of the conference.  Please promote the conference.  Promote the March General Meeting.


  1. "Let's add Park Slope Food Coop to the list of BDS Fails."


    And how to donate if one doesn't do Paypal? I'm getting ready to move back cross-country from Portland to Philly in three weeks, and things are tight as always, but I can spare a stamp and the cost of 100 flyers for a good cause...

    1. thank you for doing the right thing by standing up to bigots, keep up the good fight, herb glatter
      you may want to visit this website for poster material:

  2. How can I donate to buy you some flyers? You should have a link in this posting, because it isn't clear.

  3. yes, where can we donate? the link to the right seems to be only for the event with speakers, not for flyers etc!

  4. I want to get involved! Even the prospect of this potential boycott makes me question whether I can continue to be a member. I want to do all that I can to help stop it! (I think once people realize they'll lose their beloved seltzer makers, they may renege). I feel like I'm back in college.

  5. Thank you everyone for your offers to donate. The fund for the forum and for the flyers is the same.

  6. Alright, donation made by this current West Coast and former Windsor Terrace resident.

  7. this boycott is as idiotic as it gets. and as cartoonishly brooklyn as brooklyn gets. people with that level of sanctimony have no business even living in a place that is stolen from native americans. by their own logic, by paying american taxes, they are corroborating a horrific centuries-old genocide of the highest degree.

  8. Isn't it illegal for US corporations to participate in boycotts, specifically the Arab boycott against Israel? How can this ever make it out of the board to a vote on a referendum?


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