Friday, February 24, 2012

The Lightening Rod

Glenn Beck has chimed in on the upcoming "vote on the vote" as it is getting called.  This has brought the attention of Huffington Post, among others.  According to the original reporting in the Brooklyn Paper:
“What is happening with the food co-op where they are seriously considering a boycott of Israel?” he said, likening the suggested ban to a subtle version of drawing swastikas. “When you use words like ‘I’m just anti-Israel’ or ‘I’m just anti-Zionist’ — that’s anti-Semitic.”
In blogosphere language this has been turned into Beck calling the Park Slope Food Coop, itself, anti-Semitic.  From there writers are calling ALL the Coop members anti-Semitic for the activity of just SOME.

I discussed BDS and anti-Semitism a while ago.  For BDS to be considered not anti-Semitic, they would have to show:
  1. Either BDS does not oppose the existence of Israel as a Jewish State or that opposing the right of self-determination for Jews is not anti-Semitic.
  2. BDS does not deny the unique historic connection between Jews and the Land of Israel.
  3. That the conditions demanded by BDS do not endanger the physical safety of Jews.
  4. That there is a true commitment among the Palestinian leadership to live in peace with Jews, with full recognition of their rights.
  5. That BDS demands of the Arabs an end to the conflict.
I would now have to add to that list, they would not bring the author of a vicious Jew hating book to speak at the Coop.

The denial of my fellow Coop members is meaningless.  The BDS movement is anti-Semitic.


  1. Your prove points are spot on. Unfortunately, this movement provides a cloak to those who are indeed anti-Semites and would see us all marched into the sea.

    It's odd, though, that we hear nothing about boycotting countries that slaughter their own people. That there is no outcry from them to help populations truly under the threat of annihilation from their own government. Instead, they stand on the sidelines and throw rocks at a society where Arabs and Jews live together. Sure, it's not perfect, but when compared to the territories it must seem like Gan Eden.

    You would think they would want to learn about living together, but I guess not. It's easier to throw rocks at Jews.

  2. Congratulations on winning the support of Glenn Beck! I am sure you are proud of backing by someone as smart and politically courageous as Beck.

    1. And I congratulate BDS and those opposed to Israel generally of winning the support of such enlightenment paragons as Ayatollah Khomeni, Osama Bin Laden, Mummar Ghadaffi, Bashir al-Assad, Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, and David Duke. Great job guys!! Keep winning the support of, and being guided by, these smart and politically courageous people!

    2. Nice obfuscation job. About as complex as your politics.

  3. You have no problem being endorsed by notorious antisemite Glenn Beck? Oy Vey! As an Jewish coop member I find your opportunism startling. You make demands of your enemies, but refuse to reveal your Likudnik agenda.

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  5. I have no problem with Glenn Beck' freedom to express himself.

    His view is not a significant as his fame, and because of his fame it has brought larger media attention to us.

    Beck's view is not nearly as important as the 5 conditions I listed. Can you answer affirmative about any of them?


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